Wednesday, March 14, 2012

It's here!

Oh yes, the Purple Peanut has arrived.
Still don't know why we call it the Purple Peanut?
Purple Peanut is slang for hemorrhoid.
And though exciting, I'm quite sure that this project will, at times, be a royal pain in the butt.

Well, it's arrived.
We knew it was trashed.
And now we know full of mold, yuck.
There are windows broken, the door doesn't close, the floor is spongy, everything that could be taken and sold was, and it's just plain gross on the inside.
It's all a.o.k., though, because we are tearing the whole thing down.
We will be getting some N95 masks and some safety glasses and going to town.
There will be a complete re-framing, changing the shape of the outside and perhaps even adding a foot to the front, rear and sides.
Maybe as much as 3' to the ceiling height.
We do believe we want a rounded roof, true Vardo Style.
There will more than likely be wacky, bright colors.
Perhaps even shaker shingles covering the part of the outside after.
The ideas are flowing.
We're looking into complete solar power, with electrical hookup as backup.
There will be tons to tell.
And pictures to follow.

For now, here is the current floor plan of the Peanut.