Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Well, Hello There

This is our Art/Life/Tiny Living/Bought a Trashed Trailer/Rebuild/Transition to Self-Sustainability/Gypsy Vardo Living/What In the Hell Did We Do Blog

This is going to be an Art Life Transition to Self-Sustainability Project.
If anyone would like to help, donate, give advice, just let us know!!

So if you made it that far, here's what's up.
If you have followed my previous blog, LaPetiteMort73, you may have come across my posts about wanting a mini-farm, poultry, tiny living, being off the grid and self-sustainable.
Of course, that blog has many other entries as well, including really selfish and materialistic wants.

Just to fill in, if you aren't aware, I grew up in the swamps of Louisiana, literally.
I mean, it was nothing to have an alligator in your front yard or step over Cotton-Mouth snakes while just leisurely walking about.  I mean, damn, I learned how to roller skate and ride a bike originally on an oyster shell driveway.
On a side note, I grew up with chickens all my life.  Yes, there were Copperheads wrapped around the cages trying to eat them & the eggs, but we had chickens!
Needless to say, those chickens were more pets.
We only ate the eggs, and our chickens died of old age.
Also, my parents composted and gardened.
We always had fresh veggies and sometimes fruit.
It just depended what they could grow each year.
It was always experimental.
Mom canned veggies, made preserves, cooked all the time while holding a full time job.
Dad, also held a hard labor full time job and gardened and built and did things self-sufficiently.
It's funny that I "hated" it all growing up.
You know, embarrassed about it.
I went to a Private, Catholic School.
I was, well, different.
It's funny now, because I still am.
Only, now, I've come to appreciate it......
and to learn from it.
I can completely appreciate all that my parents did and I've learned from them.

All I can say, is that El Sammy Beasto, never had such a childhood.
He grew up on the Wank.
That's the West Bank for you folks from Louisiana.
But he went to school in New Orleans,
the Big City, Yo!
He did not have quite as much experience in the "gardening/husbandry" field,
however, he did have a little more experience in the fishing area!
Though I spent a bit of time fishing in the Reserve Canal, Maurepaus area, his dad has a camp in Lafitte right on the freaking water!!!

So, when we moved up here, from our Third Story Condo in the Sky-y-a... 
on 17th Street Canal ~
El Sammy Beasto was kind of impressed with the shite I could grow in a desert like area (compared to Louisiana).

Since then, we both have discovered (Together) our love of Off-the-Grid-Living-Survivalist-Tactics stuff we have in common.
Thus began our infatuation of Tiny Living, Small House Love.
For the past few years we have followed many blogs about living with little, living simply, growing what you need, living off the land.....
We drool over websites,
we email each other tiny homes in awesome locales.

Well, this past weekend, what do you think happened - spontaneously?
El Sammy Beasto actually bid and won on trailers we've looked at for years.

Side Note:
After Katrina, we lived in a 70's Avion Silver Bullet for about 6 months.
We kept thinking about that.
We've looked and looked for vintage trailers.
Then, El Sammy Beasto found this site for the Emergency Response Studio Project made from a trashed FEMA trailer.
Of course this started our wheels turning.

Okay, back to the bid.
He won a bid for a trashed FEMA Trailer.
So, we're having hauled up here to be put on a friend's land.
Now, I'm going to start sketching out layouts, solar, wind, radiant heat, small cast iron stoves......
Oh the list goes on and on....
Also, the search for rural land that will let us live our dream.

Gypsy Vardo Style, Conceptual Art Style, Completely Self-Sufficient with no need for tapping into community water/electricity/gas.............?
The possibilities are endless, I tell you!

You can check out the Debris that Will Be the Purple Peanut at this link.....

Oh and extra points if you know what Purple Peanut means!!!!