Wednesday, April 11, 2012

We seriously have a bunch of crap

I'm expecting a friend from out of town for this weekend.
What did that mean?
It means cleaning up our "extra" room that is just wall to wall packed with crap.
Oh and the ferrets run around in there from time to time.
It's a huge adventure for them.

So, here I am, moving around Rubber Maid containers to the empty closet, crawls space, garage....
I begin browsing through the mountains that are beginning to close in around me.
What do we need 50 backpacks or duffle bags or just bags for?
Isn't one for  each of us sufficient?
Hey, here's five sheet sets and a bunch of mis-matched pillow cases.
Look, it's Halloween decorations that were stuffed with newspaper to hang from the tree.
By the way, we haven't hung them in the tree in over five years.

You don't even want to know how much burlesque crap there is shoved around the house.
Fans that are beyond repair, cardboard props that are ripped and taped up....
they went in the garbage yesterday.

I've already put together about 5 bags to donate.
Once this weekend ends, I'll dive in voraciously.
If we want to live in a tiny house, we better size it down considerably....

I've begun selling some things on ebay and etsy.
If that goes well, perhaps it will be incentive to get rid of even more.

Though, El Sammy Beasto still wants to rent a storage unit for things/furniture that he just can't part with.
At this moment, I'll look at it as our personal store.
It will be a place to go to when we need dishes, utensils and other housewares to replace broken ones.
It will be our library because I can't seem to be able to part yet with the 100's of books that we've collected over the years and still have not read.
I will not purchase new ones though.

Maybe in time, we'll be able to give all of that up too.
This is going to be a learning, growing, changing process.

(from here - The 3Rs Blog)

Not the room, but could be!