Friday, August 10, 2012


Things have worked out once again!
Someone else we know has offered to let us park and work on their acreage!
He even provided us map and directions to his place.
Anytime, we can go plop it!

We will be buying a vintage truck.
El Beasto has always wanted one.
We need a vehicle that is able to tow this bad boy.
We like older vehicles that you can work on and do maintenance yourself.
After we buy one, we shall sell our current vehicle.

I am hoping that where ever we eventually wind up that I will be able to use my bike and walk conveniently too.  That will be our next plan, finding land.

And on with things continuing in an upward manner!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Oh Well...

Our plans fell through once again.
This is the third person who told us we could move our trailer to their farm, ranch, land and work on it
who has now backed out.
Back to the drawing board...
We have even offered each money as a sort of rent and to make sure and keep their place clean while we worked.

I'm sure something will work out eventually.