Tuesday, July 9, 2013

It's getting covered!

And so it goes!
Finally feels like we're moving slightly further!

 We'll be back out this weekend since family has left the building. =)

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Guess what?
I actually won something.
Yeah, I did!

Check out my loot from Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness!
There is a huge tub of Vega Protein Powder and many, many samples, a book and bag, and so much more!!
This was awesome because I was looking for different protein powders.
You see, honestly, I am allergic to dairy.
I'm NOT lactose intolerant.
I'm allergic.  I have been since birth.
As I've grown older, I can handle it a little better, but there are times, oh my!
It's like runny nose, chest congested with mucous, crazy-ness.
Unfortunately, I love the stuff.  Probably since I wasn't allowed to have it for sooooo long!
And here's a little too much info note, whey protein, though I have always used it wreaks havoc on me and my, um, intestinal system.
This has come at the perfect time for me to sample some various forms of other protein.
I also hit up Sun Warrior and they sent me some samples to test as well.
So, YaY for goodies!!
In other goings on, we've been back working on the Peanut.
Here's a bunch of what we've done. 
Sketching the archs to make rafters.
Pile of rafters.
 First victim. And
it's up.
Half way there.
And here's the rest!
We just have to make the end rafters this weekend and put them up and then the supports through the center.

Gypsy style craziness coming along. =D
This is also part of my activity on the weekend.
Though I get lots of cuts, scratches and bruises, it's a workout in and of itself!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

We've not stopped nor forgotten!

Winter put a big standstill on our productivity.
We were finally able to get out there this past weekend and finish up the floor.
The snow had finally melted.
The last time we went down the snow was up past my knees, boooo.
We packed the framing with 2 layers of 2" foam board and then put down the 1/2" plywood decking.

Then, we wrapped her up because we started to get rain.
Today, ice/blizzard.
Gotta love Colorado, 70 degrees yesterday and 14 and snowy today.
Sadly, many of the barn cats were taken this winter.
There were about 12 before the winter and now only 5 left.
Probably by coyotes and such.
I was so sad because this little guy was one of the victims.
Miss you Fluffy. =(


It's hard for me to wrap my head around the circle of life sometimes, especially in the rural country area.
There is a momma cat big and ready to burst with new kittens. 
Til next time!



Monday, November 19, 2012

Progress Pics!

 Curly is now big enough to go frolic freely in the pasture with the other cows!
She was dancing and rolling in the hay stacks.
 This is the decking.  One side is painted with this thick decking paint that is made with sand that makes a hard water proof coating on it.  More will be done on this side as we go.
 Beginning floor framing.  The large square in the middle will have the decking cut out. It will eventually be a drop down box in the floor.  So the floor will have a door and we'll have extra storage in the floor.
All of this is bolted down to the trailer too.
This area is in the front.  We're planning on a murphy bed in this spot eventually.  It will be the bed/living/dining area.  We visited a murphy bed store for ideas.  I saw some pretty nifty things that we may incorporate when we build it.

Though they do not come with us during our day trips, it seemed our pups were pooped this weekend too.
Let sleeping dogs lie, hehe.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Purple Peanut getting the love

Here she is as we began to put on the rust converter/primer.
You can kind of see what it does on the front end.

Our new axels that carry more tons!

New bigger tires and leaf springs.
Our friends are taking the old axels, tires, springs, etc.
He may make some sort of trailer for use around the farm.
We changed out all of the parts and connected up the brakes and made sure they worked.
This is all being done with the help of our friend.
He is a godsend with his knowledge, versatile supply of tools, and his willingness to "play" with us while creating the Peanut.

Since these photos, we have also painted with a "rustoleum" type metal paint.
I will have to get new pics this weekend.
By the time we got done this past weekend, the sun was going down and my feet and hands were frozen puppies!
We went in and enjoyed a little music and refreshment in front of their fire.

We are still waiting for the new stands to come in.
Three of ours are busted.
We're happy though because we are getting closer and closer to the really fun part!

And as usual, Curly says "Hi!"
She's chowing like a champ now!
I love getting to play with her and feed her.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

This weekend!

Well, our new axels, tires and jacks came in!
We got a neato rust-converter primer to use.
We bought the paint too.
This weekend we should be back on it hardcore!

I have been working on the plans and materials list for the framing.
We have a long way to go, but it's nice to get back on it.
Pictures will be coming again.

Sunday, October 14, 2012


We're at a little stall at the moment.
We've got the bad boy down to just the metal frame.
Now, we're waiting on the new parts that we've ordered to come in so that we can get back working again!
Hopefully, some of it will make it here this week so that we can move forward.
Then, the fun of framing will begin!