Monday, November 19, 2012

Progress Pics!

 Curly is now big enough to go frolic freely in the pasture with the other cows!
She was dancing and rolling in the hay stacks.
 This is the decking.  One side is painted with this thick decking paint that is made with sand that makes a hard water proof coating on it.  More will be done on this side as we go.
 Beginning floor framing.  The large square in the middle will have the decking cut out. It will eventually be a drop down box in the floor.  So the floor will have a door and we'll have extra storage in the floor.
All of this is bolted down to the trailer too.
This area is in the front.  We're planning on a murphy bed in this spot eventually.  It will be the bed/living/dining area.  We visited a murphy bed store for ideas.  I saw some pretty nifty things that we may incorporate when we build it.

Though they do not come with us during our day trips, it seemed our pups were pooped this weekend too.
Let sleeping dogs lie, hehe.