Sunday, September 16, 2012

Killing It

We banged it out yesterday.
We left the top strip because we were scared the whole thing would collapse before we came back next weekend.
The frame is so shoddy and rotted out.
Ya know what's on the roof?
Just cloth, yep, that's right, not even canvas, just cloth.
Weird, but whatever.
We'll have it all down next weekend.
Plus, other exciting news, El Sammy Beasto got a 1979 GMC doolie truck.
It's a beast, but will be sure to be able to tow this sucker when we're finished.
We're trying to decide on some basics so that I can draw more plans and get better materials lists going.  We're thinking a murphy bed.  Just an idea but it would give us so much more space during the days!  I actually took out a Sharpie and drew outlines on the floor to give us ideas of space with what we do have planned so far.  It's nice to walk around and "see" what space and storage will somewhat look like, even if it is just in black marker lines.
But here's what we did this weekend (just Saturday).

This is what all of that aluminum siding looks like taken down and after I have folded and stompted it.
Off to the recycle center again tomorrow.
We're hoping to give away the 3 windows that actually have glass left in them to whoever needs them.
 Close up.
There it is, skeleton, future Purple Peanut.

Afterwards, we hung out with our friends who own this awesome place.
El Sammy Beasto got taken on a tour, where there was an old, stone, falling down building that was a Pony Express Stop, a ravine where horse smugglers used to hide the horses, and a few other cool sites.  I'm going next time!
We sat, had a brew, and I got to feed Curly!

She's awesome and does the happy calf dance, much like a ferret who does the happy ferret dance!
Right now, she's about the size of our German Shepherd, and she's only 2 weeks old!
She did wind up slobbering all over the front of my shirt while we were snuggling.
What a love muffin!
Then, all four of us headed up the road to a going away party.
Another friend of ours also lives down that way.  We ran down to her basement, jumped in the shower and changed before the festivities.  I gorged on grilled stuff and a few Oktoberfest brews.  Lucky for me, El Sammy Beasto was DD.  Nice change for me, haha!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Weekend pics.

Curly headbutting me and looking for her bottle.

Sam was next for her affection.

Finally, Momma Kay.  Kay is Curly's "mom."  Her cow momma didn't want her and tried to kill her, so she's been adopted by her human caretakers.

This is one of our babies, Heidi.  This is at our house, just chillin'.

One of the weekend visitors, one of the barn kitties.
 Now, some pics of the trailer.

Sitting against the barn.

This is where we were when we got there this past weekend.

And this is what we were doing this past weekend.
I brought that aluminum to the recycle center.
Got a little cash and found out that they will also take all of the electrical wiring, and tons of other stuff.  So, I guess after every weekend, I'll be making trips with truckloads to the recycle yard too!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Weekend in Pictures

We spent the weekend down at our friend's property working on the Purple Peanut.
We drove down and back home everyday this long weekend.
I am loving it down there.
It reminds me of my youth and how I spent every weekend with my parents on their country property.
Only now, S and I have to find our perfect little wooded paradise.
 The sad part is that I neglected to take pictures of the Peanut at all!
Instead, in my breaks of demolition, I snapped photos of the cuteness of the country.
I'll have to remember to shoot it this coming weekend!
But here is the awesome-ness that was just a tad of this past long weekend.

Snapped this on our stop at the hardware store.

He just came in from the pasture to say "hey."
They have like 5 horses and a mule.

One of the barn kitties.  He was a super purr-machine and just hung around for pets and holding.
We did spot one of the older gals after she caught a wild baby bunny.
Even with all the cat food available, I guess their "wild" instincts still take hold!

This was one of the momma cows and her new baby.
They have miniature cows!
So freaking adorable.

We have decided to change the axels and tires once we have it stripped completely down.
This will give us more leeway in our plans, which I am changing once again, lol.
Hopefully, after next weekend, I will have more pictures....
including Peanut!