Tuesday, April 9, 2013

We've not stopped nor forgotten!

Winter put a big standstill on our productivity.
We were finally able to get out there this past weekend and finish up the floor.
The snow had finally melted.
The last time we went down the snow was up past my knees, boooo.
We packed the framing with 2 layers of 2" foam board and then put down the 1/2" plywood decking.

Then, we wrapped her up because we started to get rain.
Today, ice/blizzard.
Gotta love Colorado, 70 degrees yesterday and 14 and snowy today.
Sadly, many of the barn cats were taken this winter.
There were about 12 before the winter and now only 5 left.
Probably by coyotes and such.
I was so sad because this little guy was one of the victims.
Miss you Fluffy. =(


It's hard for me to wrap my head around the circle of life sometimes, especially in the rural country area.
There is a momma cat big and ready to burst with new kittens. 
Til next time!