Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Purple Peanut getting the love

Here she is as we began to put on the rust converter/primer.
You can kind of see what it does on the front end.

Our new axels that carry more tons!

New bigger tires and leaf springs.
Our friends are taking the old axels, tires, springs, etc.
He may make some sort of trailer for use around the farm.
We changed out all of the parts and connected up the brakes and made sure they worked.
This is all being done with the help of our friend.
He is a godsend with his knowledge, versatile supply of tools, and his willingness to "play" with us while creating the Peanut.

Since these photos, we have also painted with a "rustoleum" type metal paint.
I will have to get new pics this weekend.
By the time we got done this past weekend, the sun was going down and my feet and hands were frozen puppies!
We went in and enjoyed a little music and refreshment in front of their fire.

We are still waiting for the new stands to come in.
Three of ours are busted.
We're happy though because we are getting closer and closer to the really fun part!

And as usual, Curly says "Hi!"
She's chowing like a champ now!
I love getting to play with her and feed her.

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